Sunsets. I love them.

Owning a place on the water where we could sit and watch the sun set over the ocean was a lifelong dream come true.  Some people find magic in the sunrise, and I get that – the start of a new day, the spectacular sudden flash of brilliance as the sun clears the horizon.  But for me, savoring the moments as the sun drops toward the sea, listening the sound of the conch horn signaling the sun’s disappearance beneath the waves – there’s just nothing better.

Stopping for those few heartbeats to recognize that another day is coming to an end – that reminds me to treasure the time I’ve been given. It allows me the space to reflect on how I’ve used my day, and to be grateful for the blessings in my life.

I love that, at Papakea, people gather to celebrate the sunset.  I’ve had guests stay with us who had not been to Papakea for many years – but who remembered the gathering of guests down by the seawall to watch the sun go down over the ocean, and wanted to know if people still did that.

Yes, they do.